About Us

The Voice of Hope in Christ online is an extension of the VOHIC Radio Broadcast which was the brainchild of the program's current producer, Victor Philogene and Carroll Angenor. These Haitian ex-patriots believed that their fellow immigrants who had embraced America's political freedom and its opportunity for economic prosperity, needed a spiritual compass as well. In 1994, with that in mind, Angenor and Philogene began a rudimentary 2-hour radio show that included in its structure, a little music, bible studies, and other religious programming. The program aired out of Fort Myers and Immokalee, Florida communicating in French and Creole, a Haitian dialect with French roots. During its many years on the air, VOHIC has seen a markedly positive evolution in programming and technology. The establishment of the Voice of Hope in Christ online was a manifestation of this evolution and gives the program further stability and national presence.


P.O. Box 11306, Naples, FL 34101